[theora] NHW Project - A new release?

Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Tue May 15 20:21:36 UTC 2018


I just wanted your opinion on should I make a new release 0.1.5 of the NHW

I would like to finalyze all the current quality settings and add a -l8
high compression setting, and I am not far from it, all the quality
settings are nearly validated if not final, and then release a new version.

With this new version, I would like to extend my search area, and present
the NHW Project on the Doom9, encode.ru and embedded processors forums.I
will still continue to post my "daily" updates on the Xiph Theora channel
if I am not boring you...

What I fear with the other forums, is for example that people tell me that
my project is too amateur because it is restricted to fixed 512x512 image
size and so is not interesting... What do you think of it? I plan to adapt
the NHW codec to any size of image, but first I would like to make all the
quality settings (lower and higher), and when all the algorithm is
validated, that I have a good demo version, then I will try to find a
sponsor that is interested in the NHW Project and then this time I will
adapt the NHW Project to any size for a professional use...

Do not hesitate to give me your opinion if it is wise to release a new
0.1.5 version and present the NHW Project on other forums?

Many thanks!
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