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Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 21:47:05 UTC 2018


I don't have really advanced on -l5 and -l6 high compression settings, but
I know what bits to remove while still keeping a good image
neatness/sharpness, I just need to translate these ideas into lines of
code, which is not that easy...

I realize now that the NHW Project was really lacking high compression
settings, and now that I have started to add high compression, it really
gives more lisibility to the project, and maybe now Xiph could reconsider
the NHW Project? There has been an attempt in summer 2017 in that
direction, but Xiph finally could not go further.

Now that high compression has been added and that the NHW Project has then
"more weight" and visibility/lisibility, could the NHW Project become a
Xiph.org project? I know it is 6 years that I am on Xiph forum and that I
am asking for this question, but maybe now the NHW Project is really more
convincing with high compression?

I also ask for this because I am searching for a job, and it would be great
to find a sponsor to continue developing the free open-source NHW Project,
maintain its new approach that is image neatness/sharpness, and try to
propose a new image codec that competes with the professional ones.

Any advice is welcome.

Many thanks!
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