[theora] NHW Project - very high compression

Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 20:06:50 UTC 2018


I have tried to improve -l7 quality setting these last days without luck...
I find that -l7 quality setting is not totally validated, could be
better.For -l8 and very high compression, it is very difficult.I would like
to do as HEVC that it is to say "cleanly" wash out the details and "neatly"
preserve the contours, edges... which gives for me the best resutls at very
high compression... But its very difficult (for me) to translate this idea
into lines of code in my codec...

Hope that very high compression will not take me another 5 years, as it
took me 5 years to code -l3->-l7 quality settings... Yes, seriously, 5
years!!! Time passes so fast, and I realize it is 11 years and a half that
I am working on the NHW Project... Makes me think that if I had worked more
seriously on this project, could have made all this in 3 years..., could
have had the NHW Project ready back in 2010, which would have saved me from
a lot of misery, really.

But I am very happy with the encouragements I had on this channel, and I
thank forum members again.

If you have any remarks, can provide any help, really do not hesitate to
show up!

Dave could you find time to test the NHW Project?

Many thanks!
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