[theora] x265 and NHW comparison images posted to https://nhwcodec.blogspot.com/?

J.B. Nicholson jbn at forestfield.org
Sun Jul 15 22:25:55 UTC 2018

Raphael Canut wrote:
> First I have added a link on my demo blog page to Google Drive for the
> image comparison folder of NHW and x265 on rather good quality images.But
> be sure, as soon as you have sent me a free alternative host, I will upload
> there too!

I recommend https://archive.org -- there you can make an account, create an 
"identifier" (a named folder for the data you want to upload, essentially), 
and upload the picture files. archive.org will handle zipping them together 
or letting a user download the images individually. None of this will cost 
you money, it's all available gratis, and downloading from there requires 

You can also link from archive.org's files into your blog to inline the 
pictures if you wish. I suggest adding a link to the "download" URL for 
your identifier. The URL will look like the following:


will be the pattern where you specify the identifier and filenames.

I don't know what you edit when you blog, but if you edit HTML the minimal 
markup you can use is going to look like the following:

   <img src="https://archive.org/download/IDENTIFIER/FILENAME" />

If you wish you could also add extra attributes like alt, height, and width.


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