[theora] x265 and NHW comparison images posted to https://nhwcodec.blogspot.com/?

J.B. Nicholson jbn at forestfield.org
Sun Jul 15 16:12:05 UTC 2018

Raphael Canut wrote:
> Ok, I will post them in a folder on Google Drive and will give the link on
> my blog page, -because among other things, on my blog page, I can not
> display 2 bitmap 512x512 images side by side-... Hope it is ok!

Could you upload a zip archive of these images to your blog? Last I looked, 
Google Drive requires nonfree Javascript to access. I think it would be 
nice for those looking at this now and in the future to not have to run 
nonfree code to see the images.

Thanks for considering this.

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