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Just a quick message.

> the project needs to have a story

For now actually it's a rather sad story... I made 90% of the NHW codec
back in 2007 and 2008.And for more than 10 years now, I try to "sell" it
with main argument: speed, power consumption.I figured that if you have a
car that consumes 5L of gas per 100km, 50-60L per 100km or 250-300L per
100km, your choice is evident and very quick... But this strategy
lamentably failed!...

Now Monty is right:

> so long as you can demonstrate that your approach does something
> unique and useful in a way that draws interest, that's what you need.

What is unique in the NHW Project is the neatness approach.The NHW codec
enhances image neatness whereas the classic codecs tend to decrease image
neatness but have in return a very good precision.So in fact it's a choice,
the NHW codec is not better or worse than the other codecs, it is
different.On some images more neatness will be more pleasant, on some
others more precision will be more pleasant, and according to my test this
is 50-50.Nevertheless, the big drawback of the NHW codec is that it really
lacks of precision on slowly varying contrast areas (including blur), so it
performs better on rather well-defined images (for example with no strong
JPEG artifacts).

So now I think I have to put forward NHW Project unique approach and
innovations, to try to catch attention.

Monty, it would be really great if we can discuss about it as your advice
are much useful.

The opinions of the community would be also great and very welcome!


2017-08-30 10:16 GMT+02:00 <xiphmont at xiph.org>:

> Hi Raphael,
> On Fri, Aug 25, 2017 at 2:30 PM, Raphael Canut <nhwcodec at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I'll see what Monty will do on his side (and when he has time), but he
> also
> > told me that the NHW codec has merits but there must be an effort to
> > demonstrate them.
> Well, if you want to pursue a collaborative project, you need to
> attract others to work on it.  Perhaps 'demo' is the wrong word... I'd
> say the project needs to have a story, and a demonstration of the
> technology is part of what makes the story concrete.
> > But it is not so evident to demonstrate them, because the NHW codec
> performs
> > bad on all metrics because it modifies image to give it more neatness
> (this
> > also includes a slight denoising)... For speed, the NHW codec is written
> in
> > plain C code, there are no C optimization, no SIMD optimization, no
> > multithreading, whereas the other codecs (x265,VP9,x264,WebP,...) have
> them
> > and are highly optimized, so time/speed comparison will not be fair...
> Optimization at this stage of development is misplaced.  You should
> have a good idea of the complexity bounds-- this is what other
> engineers care about-- but so long as you can demonstrate that your
> approach does something unique and useful in a way that draws
> interest, that's what you need.
> > Then there are innovations in the NHW codec: like a new fast wavelet
> > transform, a multistage residual coding, 3 new entropy coding schemes and
> > other things like for example interesting pre- and post- processing
> based on
> > a laplacian kernel, a feedback correction,etc...
> All these things have been done before... how are your approaches
> unique?  What references do your versions draw from?  Build on?  One
> reason to be familiar with (and use the language) of the state of the
> art is to provide a shared context and terminology in which others can
> understand what you're doing.
> > Monty told me :"If you don't have access to web space you can use for
> > documenting and advertising the project, we can certainly offer that."
> Absolutely.
> > Are you interested in documentation of the innovations of the NHW codec?
> As
> > I am still very busy (but this will change), do some of you would like to
> > make these demonstrations?
> >
> > So to finish, I think it's a great deal that Xiph.org proposes!!!, if you
> > want more of this collaboration, want to help in the development,
> > documentation, demonstration of the NHW Project, do not hesitate to show
> up
> > on the forum.
> >
> > Many thanks again to Xiph!, hope this will materialize in the next
> months.
> Good wishes to you too!
> Cheers,
> Monty
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Raphael
> >
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