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Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 17:53:37 UTC 2017

Hello all,

Finally find some time to get back to the NHW Project.I was thinking about
making a technology demo, and I wanted to highlight the uniqueness of the
NHW codec that is neatness/sharpness preserving or enhancement.With my
eyes, I can see that the NHW codec has more neatness/sharpness than the
other codecs (x265, x264, WebP, Rududu, JPEG,...), but for a demo there
must be objective metrics, and this is where things complicates....

I have tried to make quickly a neatness/sharpness metrics but without luck,
and it doesn't seem that easy... Would someone of you have a neatness
metrics? Would help me a lot for my technology demo.

Else I have tested this weekend the NHW Project with a new set of images at
mid/low compression (-l2 and -l1 settings) and compared with x265 and WebP,
and I really like the good neatness of the NHW codec, x265 and WebP blur
images but have a very good precision in return.Furthermore the NHW codec
is a lot faster and is royalty-free!... And there is a lot of room for
improvement at all levels, the NHW Project was quickly coded from scratch
10 years ago, -I don't know why I did not post on Xiph.org forum in 2007, I
was at the time "talking" with my university and my internship company, but
they finally could not go further and so I contacted in June 2011 Monty, I
posted my work on a Xiph forum in march 2012, and since then, things are
very slowly moving but hopefully will move forward now (I am

Again, developers on the NHW Project are very welcome! Monty, would you
know developers that could be interested in giving some of their time in
the development of the NHW Project?

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