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Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 14:00:01 UTC 2017


So thanks to helpful forum feedbacks, I know now that I have to create a
website for the NHW Project, make demo pages of the technology, and all
that with good visual design.It won't be such easy for me... For example, I
can easily supply a description, explanation of the different steps of the
algorithm, I can supply images encoded at mid-compression with NHW, x265,
WebP, JPEG,... that (visually) show that the NHW codec has more
neatness/sharpness than the others, I can supply encode/decode timings that
show that unoptimized NHW codec is faster than the other codecs.
Unfortunately, I don't have a neatness metrics, I won't be able to create
and register a website, and I won't be able to make good graphical
illustrations for the technology demos.But if some Xiph community members
can help with it, do not hesitate to show up, it would be just great!

I also have to keep on improving the NHW codec.Currently I am focusing on
the aliasing of the NHW codec, it's the main drawback of the codec.I have
certainly missed something because the other codecs AOM AV1, x265, x264,
WebP, JPEG, Rududu (wavelet) don't create aliasing.-The NHW codec has other
advantages.-This is certainly due to little HF energy preserving.If you
have any suggestion, do not hesitate to let me know.I will also have to
study more the SPIHT algorithm.

Currently, I am more inclined to improve and develop NHW algorithms, it's
the part that I prefer... And I feel that I am not very far from making a
good codec, for now I prefer the NHW codec to x265, WebP, x264, JPEG,
JPEG2000, Rududu and others... mainly because it has more neatness while
still maintaining a decent precision (except aliasing).It is also a lot
faster, more energy efficient (power consumption) and the NHW Project is
totally royalty- and patent- free.

So again I think that the NHW Project is an interesting and challenging
project, if you think you can help in any way: website, demo pages,
algorithms development, advertising,... the NHW Project welcomes new

Many thanks again!
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