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Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Fri Aug 25 18:30:23 UTC 2017


These last 2 months, I have talked again with Monty Montgomery about the
NHW Project and he told me that Xiph.org would like to encourage the NHW
Project development.That's just great!

I'll see what Monty will do on his side (and when he has time), but he also
told me that the NHW codec has merits but there must be an effort to
demonstrate them.

The advantages, merits of the NHW codec are the neatness advantage, NHW
pictures have more neatness (and a little less precision), so it's a choice
if you prefer more neatness or more precision, but according to my visual
tests, neatness is quite pleasing... and there is also speed, computation

But it is not so evident to demonstrate them, because the NHW codec
performs bad on all metrics because it modifies image to give it more
neatness (this also includes a slight denoising)... For speed, the NHW
codec is written in plain C code, there are no C optimization, no SIMD
optimization, no multithreading, whereas the other codecs
(x265,VP9,x264,WebP,...) have them and are highly optimized, so time/speed
comparison will not be fair...

Then there are innovations in the NHW codec: like a new fast wavelet
transform, a multistage residual coding, 3 new entropy coding schemes and
other things like for example interesting pre- and post- processing based
on a laplacian kernel, a feedback correction,etc...

Monty told me :"If you don't have access to web space you can use for
documenting and advertising the project, we can certainly offer that."

Are you interested in documentation of the innovations of the NHW codec? As
I am still very busy (but this will change), do some of you would like to
make these demonstrations?

So to finish, I think it's a great deal that Xiph.org proposes!!!, if you
want more of this collaboration, want to help in the development,
documentation, demonstration of the NHW Project, do not hesitate to show up
on the forum.

Many thanks again to Xiph!, hope this will materialize in the next months.

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