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Raphael Canut nhwcodec at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 14:56:36 UTC 2016


I don't have advanced on the NHW codec, but now, as a lot of people, I am
following the AOMedia AV1 codec.Just a (late) update of my previous post,
there won't be problem in AOM AV1 with the CABAC scheme, as the codec will
use Daala's multi-symbol entropy coder and/or ANS.That's great! I have even
read on the wiki page, that AV1 will use Daala's PVQ as quantization

Also as a consequence, there are fewer interest now in the NHW codec, but I
would still like to maintain it as an open-source and royalty-free project,
for those interested in wavelet technology.
I would like now to completely change the quantization scheme and also
maybe remove the multistage residual coding, to design a new efficient
quantization scheme especially for the lower quality settings (high
compression).But it is not that easy.

I would also like to thank very much all the persons, the developers that
downloaded, cloned the NHW project, especially this past year (certainly
thanks to my post on the IETF NETVC channel).If you found time to test the
codec, I would be very interested in any comment, improvement... We can
also make the NHW codec a collaborative project.

Just a last question to finish, Monty (I ask for it here, as it is one year
and a half that we last were in contact -you told me that you was totally
snowed under by lots of important emails last time we talked-), in the era
of AOM AV, and HEVC, do you think the NHW codec (wavelet technology) can be
a viable open-source royalty-free project? Or do you think now it will
disappear with time?

Any feedback welcome.

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