[theora] Key frame bitrate

Andreas Engel andreas.engel at bravis.eu
Thu Feb 10 01:29:39 PST 2011

This sounds like a good idea. If you have a patch working for theora 
1.1.1 I would sure like to test it. But I need the possibility to 
connect to a running stream without getting garbage at the start. In the 
current version I just have to wait for the first key frame. How can 
this be done with "rolling intra" ?

> What you probably want is "rolling intra" — where there are no
> periodic keyframes, only a band of keyblocks which moves across the
> image refreshing it a part at a time.  I've been thinking about adding
> this to libtheora.
> If you have the time and interest to test this I can send you a patch
> to libtheora which will provide this behavior. I'd like to hear how it
> works in practice.

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