[theora] ffmpeg2theora 0.28 released

dos386 dos386 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 05:33:35 PDT 2011

> do you get output with --frontend?

YES ... but there is no attempt to guess output final size anyway (0.28):

WMV input:

{"duration": 68.722000, "position": 57.80, "audio_kbps":  67,
"video_kbps": 56, "remaining": 12.47}

YUV input (considered as inherently non-seekable because of
frame comment feature that nobody uses anyway ???) :

{"duration": -1.000000, "position": -1.00, "audio_kbps":  0,
"video_kbps": 56, "remaining": 0.00}

The progress indicator could get an improvement in following areas:

- Write a line explaining what the numbers are (especially distinguish
"media time" from "real time" and input from output)

- Into the limited space of 80 columns, write how much has been processed
already ("media time" is an info ... but limited usefulness and confusing)

Example how the info line and progress line could look like (fixed
width 75 char's):

InputSiz ElapsedRealTime Frames-Processed OutSizeNow GuessRemainT GuessSize
-------- --------------- ---------------- ---------- ------------ ---------
done:99% elaprt:00:59:59 fram:000'000'999 outs:019Mi ETA:00:00:01 fin:020Mi

The mostleft value is %%% of input file size (also YUV) or video time
or amount of frames, last 2 values are guess, everything else are "real"
values as done so far, both time values are "real time", there is no "media
time" to prevent confusion. All values are fixed size, switch Bytes->KiB->
MiB->GiB as necessary (already at >999, don't wait for 1'023).

The summary could look like:



Input :
Container     : AVI
Video codec   : DivX 0.0.0
Audio codec   : MP5
File size     : 28'999'999 Byte's
Media time    : 00:13:00.500 (HH:MM:SS.mss)
Bitrate       : 1'234'567 bits/second
Total frames  : 1'001
Broken frames : 2

Container     : OGG
Video codec   : Theora "LibTheora 1.3.0 2011-12-31 blah"
Audio codec   : Vorbis "Xiph LibVorbis 1.4.0 2011-12-31"
File size     : 19'999'999 Byte's
Media time    : 00:13:00.450 (HH:MM:SS.mss)
Bitrate       : 1'000'888 bits/second
Frames        : 999
Size and bitrate usage (video, audio, muxing) : 80%, 18%, 2%

Work took 1:01:01 of real time, performance 23% of real time.


"OGG" ix fixed, instead of Theora or Vorbis there could be
Dirac or FLAC. There is no separate audio and video bitare
as they are covered by the "Size and bitrate usage (video,
audio, muxing)" line. Instead of "Success!" there could be
"Read error" or "Write error" (most likely lack of space) or
"Input broken" or something like "Aborted by <ESC> at 50%".


BTW, I have a strange BUG with FFMPEG2DIRAC 0.2.0
(FFMPEG2DIRAC 0.1.0 and FT 0.27 and FT 0.28 are NOT
affected) saying "file format not recognized or file not found"
in some cases. File of course exists and is valid. Maybe this
problem is imported from FFMPEG ... but there could be
more verbosity and 3 separate messages to make
debugging more easy:

- "File ""blah.mkv"" not found"
- "File ""blah.mkv"" format not recognized
  (999'999'999 Byte's, Sigi $FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$00,$00)"
- "File ""blah.mkv"" read error"

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