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mysoogal mysoogal alexander.alisani at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 17:24:38 PDT 2010

I'm about to spread this plugin all over the internet, if you want to help
me let me know, this is a Theora only plugin, it means that the web plugin
only supports ogv,ogg and vorbis on a windows 32bit machine, currently i
have tested in the following browsers

Safari 4, and 5 working really good
firefox 3 + all working fine
IE7/8 working great and upcoming IE9

tested on windows 7, it should be also working on XP and windows 2000

this is alternative to flash video

Filename: TheoraBrowserPlugin.zip
File description: Firefox,Safari,IE Video Plugin by mysoogals
File size: 2.32 MB

hopefully my friend from expert-core will release a MSI and then we can run
around spreading the theora plugin instead of flash.

some of  you know me i've asked you before for help in creating something
like this but none of you wanted to help, so i've taken the steps so wish me
good luck

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