[theora] Theora & Vorbis Finally On iPhone, iPod Touch

Jason Self jason at bluehome.net
Mon Oct 25 19:32:16 PDT 2010

Basil Mohamed Gohar wrote:

>  any report on the performance?

A friend of mine has an iPhone 3GS. I played a Theora video that was
640x480 at 29.97fps at approx 1024kbps just fine. Strangely, there was
no sound though (it has Vorbis audio.) I didn't investigate further
beyond this single attempt.

informatique Mille babords wrote:

> Could anyone confirm that clicking a link to an ogv file in safari
> could be played in vlc

It appears that the only way to get the files onto the device is by
syncing with iTunes (once VLC is installed on the iPhone it has its own
method of copying files from within iTunes.)
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