[theora] comment and two questions

Mark Edwards mark_f_edwards at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 2 12:55:48 PDT 2010

a few more details:

currently we are already  using a JAVA based audio recorder, so my users are 
used to having a java-jre already installed.  

i have been using flash to play the resulting mp3 files, but i wish to switch to 

from my research, i cannot find another player that handles ogg when played 
right on a webpage.  

the java runs in IE and every other browser i can think of.

yes its true it works wonderful in html5, but again, that darn IE is stopping 
me.  :-(

ideally, i can switch to speex !   any chance i can start offering speex ?

thanks again,
mark edwards

From: Basil Mohamed Gohar <abu_hurayrah at hidayahonline.org>
To: theora at xiph.org
Sent: Sat, October 2, 2010 12:17:08 PM
Subject: Re: [theora] comment and two questions

On 10/02/2010 02:49 PM, Ralph Giles wrote:
> On 2 October 2010 11:37, Mark Edwards <mark_f_edwards at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> to get around this (and to make things work consistently) i am just using
>> the java applet theora cortado player which appears to work well in all
>> browsers.
> You can make the cortado java applet smaller by taking out the video
> support. We haven't been offering such a build, but it's
> straightforward to do.
>  -r

It sounds like you have your use case right here.  :)  There is the Jor
bis player, too...does Cortland use that?  Is it still maintained?
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