[theora] How to merge and cut theora videos, and how to synchronize sound?

Dave Johnson davefilms.us at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 08:55:46 PST 2010

theora and webm are my only file formats for my videos.

Dave Johnson

On Nov 14, 2010 7:35 AM, "Lucas Malor" <elbarbun at gmail.com> wrote:

Thank you all for the help. I'll use liboggz but I think I'll not use
HandBrake: in addition to non-supporting ogg, it doesn't have a stable
version for linux.

I found right now that VLC can do what I need and more:

I'll try to use it too. Keep finger crossed please :)

PS: I noticed a worrying lack of support for Ogg, and Theora in
particular, in programs for Linux too. For example: Avidemux, Cinefx,
Kdenlive, Openshot.
Cinelerra support Theora, but see what the producers write:
It's simply discouraging.

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