[theora] Elphel's JP4

Paulo Henrique Silva ph.silva at gmail.com
Thu May 13 21:23:45 PDT 2010


just a small follow up of recent discussions about Elphel's JP4 format.

I'm working with Andrey and fellows from Elphel to improve support for
JP4 format in the context of Elphel's Apertus project
(http://www.apert.us). As posted by Basil, on
http://wiki.elphel.com/index.php?title=JP4 there is plenty of
information about the format and how to post process it to get back
your real footage.

At this moment, you could use MPlayer and gstreamer tools to play JP4
encoded movies and convert JP4 movies and stills to DNG (Adobe's
Digital Negative raw format, which in lack of any standard raw format,
seems to be good enough to us at this moment).

I'm looking forward to see if it is possible to use intra only Theora
to encode JP4 as Basil suggested, would be great to have a nice
compressed Bayer format which doesn't need any patches to be played
and processed anywhere.

Feel free to contact me about any issues you have trying to use our JP4 files.


-- Paulo

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