[theora] lossless video codec

dos386 dos386 at gmail.com
Mon May 10 01:51:33 PDT 2010

This had been discussed already 1'000'000'000 times.

- Theora is lossy only and there is probably no point to invent a

- Dirac has a lossless mode (reportedly), but is still experimental,
has poor player
  support, is slow as hell (>10 times slower than Theora)
  http://diracvideo.org/download/ffmpeg2dirac/ and hasn't been updated
since 2009-Feb

- Just "acquire" HuffYUV or something else

- I'm not that enthusiastic about OGG. Any chance that "OGG codecs" gets
  replaced by "Xiph codecs" and OGG by something that works better (the
  time still doesn't work in 99.99% of players including VLC 1.0.5 ...) ?
  There used to be "NUT" (shared project of Xiph + FFMPEG devels ?) but
  I still see them promoting AVI only and not NUT :-(

~~~ wow ~~~

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