[theora] theora video plugin ? videolan plugin?

Dave Johnson davefilms.us at gmail.com
Sat Mar 27 16:28:42 PDT 2010

I would love vlc theora driac fork

On Mar 27, 2010 4:53 PM, "Twisted Lincoln, Inc." <forum at twistedlincoln.com>

Sadly, the Debian maintained variants aren't distributable.  According
to the readme in the source code:

"Currently the following video encoders are disabled in the ffmpeg
package: H263, H264, MPEG2 video, MPEG4 and MS-MPEG4. No *decoders* are
disabled in any the ffmpeg package!"

So there are plenty of patent encumbered formats still included.

As for building VLC without FFMPEG (--disable-avcodec, etc), I'd like to
provide a solution that would work as a groundwork for modifying all
FFMPEG powered software.  Besides, one could still run afoul of patents
if they distribute source code that *could* be compiled to support
patented codecs, even if the binarys you distribute alongside it is
compiled without such support.  As such, it is safest to completely
remove the offending code from the source.

Tony Lovasco Twisted Lincoln, Inc. www.twistedlincoln.com

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