[theora] codec efficiency? was: is this FUD or not?

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> Using h264 Baseline (what is actually universally
> implemented) the
> bitrate efficiency difference mostly disappears.

same author, reply about YouTube / Ogg/Theora comparison

"The test isn't representative of the types of videos we
produce as the resolution we use is significantly higher
than a typical YouTube video. Theora does not perform as
competitively with H.264 on large videos as it lacks support
for several encoding algorithms that are beneficial in this
regard. H.264 Main and High profiles can be significantly
more advanced. "

> I'd love for there to be a free open codec that has better
> performance than H.264 and is supported on many different
> platforms. As a small software company it would be a huge
> win for us not to have to worry about licensing issues.
> Realistically I don't see this happening with Theora, but
> maybe Dirac or something else will come along save the day.

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