[theora] Who's developing mwEmbed?

Helmut Pozimski mailinglist at pozimski.eu
Mon Mar 22 07:57:41 PDT 2010

Am Sonntag 21 März 2010 21:42:17 schrieb Michael Dale:
> Hi Helmut, I am working on mwEmbed.
> You can report errors to the mwEmbed issue tracker [1] on wikimedia or
> directly to me :)
> You can follow its activity on the mediaWiki svn [2]
> I will be trying and do releases to the kaltura.org pretty regularly.
> It did seem to work for me with Opera 10.10 ( 10.50  has not been
> released for linux yet afaik )
Great, I am going to investigate the problems I experience with Opera 10.50 
(tested on a Windows 7 VM) a bit more to give you as much information as 
possible and then file a bugreport. 

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