[theora] Who's developing mwEmbed?

Helmut Pozimski mailinglist at pozimski.eu
Sun Mar 21 03:38:05 PDT 2010

Recently I found out about mwEmbed[1] which seems to me to be a great tool to 
embed theora videos with a fallback mechanism in place and a really smooth 
user experience. 

Since I am testing the tool for use in my blog and other websites at the 
moment I would like to know who is actually developing that tool and where to 
report bugs. (e.g. it doesn't work yet in Opera 10.50 which is a major problem 
for me)

Most of the info is currently found at kaltura.org but the "project page" only 
gives really limited information and since the svn repository is at 
wikimedia.org I am not sure what's the right place to get in touch with the 


[1]: http://www.html5video.org/kaltura-html5/
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