[theora] encoding raw file (.yuv) using ffmpeg2theora

Alexander Parshin savo at graphics.cs.msu.ru
Thu Mar 18 03:07:19 PDT 2010

>>> I'm trying to use ffmpeg2theora to encode raw (.yuv)
>> AFAIK FFMPEG2THEORA supports YUV4MPEG2 only, not raw YUV.

Looks like YUV4MPEG2 is ok for me, conversation from YUV to YUV4MPEG2 is 
rather simple...

>>> Or maybe there is another command-line tool for Windows to encode raw
>> video using Theora algorithm?
>> Patch the PNG2THEORA example ...
>> BTW, I still miss a simplest encoder example with just YUV4MPEG or
>> raw-YUV input.
> libtheora builds an example_encoder executable in the /examples
> directory of the source by default.  It does exactly what you're talking
> about.

Thanks! YUV4MPEG2 usage looks simpler for me now, but I will keep in 
mind this variant.


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