[theora] ffmpeg2theora bug: generation of a video from a series of images

Michael Opdenacker michael at free-electrons.com
Thu Mar 4 22:26:22 PST 2010

Hi J.,

We are using ffmpeg2theora to produce an introduction video from a
series of images:

ffmpeg2theora-0.26.linux32.bin images/img-%03d.png -o intro.ogv

The video that we get is huge and horrible, with lots of blinking colors:

Here's what we had in the past:

This issue was introduced in ffmpeg2theora-0.25, and a work-around is to
revert to ffmpeg2theora-0.24
(http://v2v.cc/~j/ffmpeg2theora/ffmpeg2theora-0.24.linux32.bin.bz2). I
also checked that this problem still happens with the latest snapshot

All you need to reproduce this bug is in

Even though the bug may not be in ffmpeg2theora, it would be great if
you could fix it. Don't hesitate to ask me to make further tests if this
can help.

Thanks for this very useful utility,



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