[theora] Theora and WeBM support in Firefox and Opera

dos386 dos386 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 07:20:05 PDT 2010


> First, you must join YouTube's HTML5 beta.
> You will not get WebM video unless you do this

I don't have any account at this "institution" and I'm not going to
register one.

> &html5=1 will generally work for any video, even if you're not
> in the html5 beta.  For example:
> outube.com/watch?v=q5djWO2oCSo&feature=player_embedded&html5=1

Good news:

+ The link does "somewhat work" at the end, no Flash installed

Bad news:

- Javascript is still needed
- Most other videos don't work (or I searched some wrong way)
- Performance is bad (I got cca 5 different frames on the screen)
- No "Save video" ...
- "Save page" does "work" ... the result are cca 10 files with over
  600 KiB of bloat, and the video is not among them. Another WtF award
  candidate or more likely not at all new "news" ... I did RTFTOS, they
  don't want people to download the videos ... the same people who
  damn Theora because of "wasting precious resource network bandwidth"
  pressure people to re-stream the very same video again and again every
  time they want to watch it (and then loosing over 90% of frames). But
  hey, they are the experts, they must know. Of course they can't
  "reliably" prevent people from saving the video, so bad hacks like
  "Atube Catcher" are still needed (don't forget to disable great "Convert into
  WMV feature"). A quick inspection of the content showed a large amount
  of Javascript requesting the video in an extremely complicated way, similar
  to "good old" Flash style, and apparently the video exists in WeBM as
  well as X264 and in multiple resolutions.

The evil question arising now:

Can one expect some help from the browser with saving the video ?

The browser obviously has the complete WeBM stream / file available.
In the past the proprietary Flash player didn't (on Linux it reportedly did)
for well known reasons, but now with "open web" ?

~~~ wow ~~~

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