[theora] Theora and WeBM support in Firefox and Opera

dos386 dos386 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 07:26:39 PDT 2010

I did some tests:

### Theora support in Firefox 3.7a (missnamed as "Minefield"):

Same as since 3.5 (plays, no controls if Javascript off, no thorough
retest of buffering issues).



### WeBM support in Firefox 3.7a

Seems to play (controls bug of course also there) and download :-) if
one finally finds a page having WeBM at all.

### Theora support in Opera 10.60b1

Same as since 10.50bxx - not only it doesn't play, it "hangs" on pages
having Theora videos (mouse wheel dead, links dead - can't click

Philipp wrote:

>>> Please be sure to report any bugs at http://bugs.opera.com/ and we will look at them.
>> It requires an account
> Try https://bugs.opera.com/wizard/

Oops not done, should I re-report it now ?

### WeBM support in Opera 10.60b1

Well, it seems to work (despite Theora bug) and controls are there
even if Javascript off :-)


### WeBM support in YouTube and Internet

The obsession is high (many pages about the thing, most opinions
positive to very positive), but lack of working examples. Even worse,
most of such pages "offer" videos or link to video pages doing nothing
or "You must enable Javascript and download latest Flash player" ...


It doesn't work. Either the page doesn't load, it doesn't find any
videos, or switches immediately back to the old "You must enable
Javascript and download latest Flash player" ... Where are all the new
videos in WeBM format ???


Only "You must enable Javascript and download latest Flash player" ???

WtF AWARD: http://lists.xiph.org/pipermail/theora/2009-April/002108.html

Video recommendations: many pages about the thing, typical content:

"You must support both X264 and at least one of Theora or WeBM, and
additionally a Flash fallback for users having no HTML5 support at

1. Providing the very same video 3 or 4 times pulls all the codec
efficiency discussions ("Theora is obsolete crap") into the absurdity.
If Theora is inferior to X264 at all, then very very marginally, while
this idea instantly increases the space consumption by just factor 3
or 4. Also the excessive wrapping of Flash on existing video pages
probably doesn't really save server space nor network transfer

2. Why the Flash fallback? I've never seen any non-Flash fallback on
Youtube or any such "video" page.

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