[theora] Re : Theora DirectShow filters assembly

Olivier Flock oflock2002 at yahoo.fr
Mon Jun 28 02:21:11 PDT 2010

Hi Sergey,

thanks for your answer !

I did not try that
already. For now, I was thinking that the answer was obvious, and that
I simply did not understand something about the way it is done. I have
no toolkit anymore to compile DShow filters, so I will have to get back
everything first.

If nobody can answer this, I will investigate and tell you the results :-)


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Hi Oliver,

> VideoCaptureSource ( webcam ) => TheoraEncoder => TheoraDecoder 
=> VideoRenderer

as you have all the code for the dshow filters in theora project http://xiph.org/dshow/downloads/ or take a look at svn of theora branch, you might compile and compare with you codecs to  see what is the problem ( either you do not agree format or something else, usually it is OK to connect encoder and decoder).

so with all the code - the problem could be easily tracked, as Dshow reports break connects and reasons. Did you try?

it would be intresting to know the results :)


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