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hello theora lovers!

I opened few weeks ago this issue on Xiph tracker and I understand that
there are higher priority issues to dela with before creating an installer.

However, it could be a Blocker for my theora HTML5 video deployement on some
websites, I explain :

With the new beta State of Chrome frame for IE, IE is no more a problem (at
least if you have admin rights) , So the 40% IE users of my website have now
a solution for inBrowser Watching.

It leaves me with the 6% Safari users ( 4% Mac/firefox users ) , I don't
know what to tell them , I don't want to tell them to change their browsers,
so I thought Launching an automatic installer for Xiph Codec would be great.

If no one can work on it , I could give a try on my macbook , but I'm
absolutly newbie in this area

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#1698: XiphQT for Mac would need a (silent) installer
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 in order to propose a solution for Safari Users who cannot wiew theora
 HTML5 websites, a dmg containing an installer that would silently install
 the Xiph component would be great.

 It would be a better solution than trying to play with java cortado

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