[theora] What about ogg?

dos386 dos386 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 23:51:47 PDT 2010

> What does webm mean for the ogg container?

Let's drop it ? (see below)

> Obviously it will still be around, but I was hoping to see
> native support for ogg vorbis in mainstream media players.

There already is :-)

> > Will there be an attempt to improve it and make it more attractive so that ogg
> > (or maybe even an ogg2) is chosen as the container for
> > VP9 or VP10 years down the road?

> brainstorming page (as I understand it), but with very real ideas:
> http://wiki.xiph.org/TransOgg

Regrettably, OGG is the worst supported container by FFMPEG/MPLAYER, but
also it has problems with timing (FireFOX is the only player where it works,
MPLAYER/VLC both fail ...). So let's ask the opposite question:

What is the killer argument against dropping OGG in favor of
WebM / Matroska / simplified Matroska or NUT ?

Note than I'm "suggesting" dropping of OGG only, not the Vorbis or
Theora codecs.

There used to be "NUT" also:


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