[theora] WebM killed Theora project?

dos386 dos386 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 04:11:43 PDT 2010

The good point is the benefit to have a reasonable amount of choices,
here 2 good free video codecs.

> But, to put it short, GIF survives until today despite PNG superiority.
> The presence of another technology doesn't exclude the original.

Very bad comparison :-(

> In the short term, WebM doesn't affect Theora as WebM hasn't quite arrived
> for real yet.  In the longer term, it's possible it will replace Theora entirely.

That's the bad point for Theora. Nevertheless, even if Theora completely dies
one day in future, there will be a possible benefit left:

"Without Theora, the VP8/WebM things would not have become
that good or arrived at all"

So Theora development will not reasonably ever be considered as "just
waste of time" :-)

BTW, anyone is aware of some technical comparisons VP8 vs Theora:

- Performance (VP8 bad for now?)
- Quality/Compression efficiency
- Codec complexity/bloat
- Features (color:YUV/RGB/grey ... frame size limits ... fixed length
videos/streaming ...)

~~~ wow ~~~

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