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Stefan Weber s_weber at blyth.ch
Fri Jun 4 03:28:42 PDT 2010

Hi Sahana

I must admit I'm not an expert in Theora.
But the error message "Could not set keyframe interval to 64" might indicate that an
attempt to set the keyframe frequency failed.

Have a look at the keyframe_granule_shift attribute in the th_info struct.
It says: The maximum distance between key frames is 1<<keyframe_granule_shift.
So I could imagine that the error might be caused by setting the keyframe_frequency to a larger value
than permitted by the keyframe_granule_shift field (e.g. with TH_ENCCTL_SET_KEYFRAME_FREQUENCY_FORCE).


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/>Thu Jun  3 13:33:59 PDT 2010/
>Hi all,
>I am working on Libtheora. I have built the libtheora, libogg and libvorbis
>static libraries in vc++6. I'm testing the encoder for theora.
>I'm running tests on the encoder_example and i get the following errors in
>command prompt.
>stbench.exe -v 10 -o chk.ogv god.wav example.y4m-1
>File god.wav is 16 bit 1 channel 11025 Hz RIFF WAV audio.
>File example.y4m-1 is 384x288 25.00 fps 420 video.
>Could not set keyframe interval to 64.
>Internal Theora library error.
>Appreciate all your help.

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