[theora] problems about theora encoding

Stefan Weber s_weber at blyth.ch
Mon Jul 19 13:13:58 PDT 2010

Hi John

You might need to disable this check in your compiler. I believe the 
Microsoft VC++ compiler behaves like that, so you either need to rewrite 
the code or disable the checking.
If I recall correctly, the problem is that in C99 standard, all 
variables need to be declared at the beginning of a function, so the 
warning is probably caused by defining a variable in the middle of a 

I don't know the exact feature/sytax to disable the error right now, but 
this shouldnt be too hard to find out.


Am 20:59, schrieb 樊云鹏:
> Hi,
> When I encoded an uncompressed yuv4mpeg2 stream(example.y4m) using 
> encoder_example_static.exe, I encountered an error, "Run-Time Check 
> Failure #3-The variable 'sb_full' is being used without being 
> defined." How to solve this problem?
> And what's the differences between the static program and the dynamic?
> Best regards
> John.Fan 

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