[theora] ffmpeg2theora's website is down

Lajkó Bálint balint.lajko at lajt.hu
Mon Jul 19 02:06:35 PDT 2010

At first I tried Firefogg, but the input text fields are totally buggy.
No matter what I set for the video dimension, Firefogg will use the settings entered on "preset" tab.
I cannot enter custom dimensions, Firefogg does not use my custom dimension settings, why is that?
I think there is a bug when the extension reads the entered options. It does not read the options correctly.
It also does not honor the "encoding range" tab. I set the 1-10 encoding range, and the extension transcodes the entire video...
Why use a fancy tabbed javascript form like this? It does not work. A plain, no-tabbed, no-javascript form would be better.
2010. július 19. 10:33 napon informatique Mille babords <informatique at millebabords.org> írta:
2010/7/19 Lajkó Bálint <balint.lajko at lajt.hu>
In the meantime, how can I install ffmpeg2theora 0.27 on Ubuntu? I found the files here ( http://svn.xiph.org/trunk/ffmpeg2theora/ ), but I am not familiar with subversion command line :(
You can get lastest binairies at http://firefogg.org/nightly/
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