[theora] video-email

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Thu Jul 1 08:59:32 PDT 2010

> I think an important caveat is that while Vorbis is normally
> encapsulated in Ogg already, Speex usually isn't.  So, he would need
> something that can mux Speex already.  Do any of the standard Speex
> tools already mux Speex into Ogg?

liboggz (and its tools) supports Speex in Ogg.
speexenc encodes Speex from PCM (can mux in ogg).
speexdec decodes Speex (can probably do from ogg)
Gstreamer has Speex elements.

So a combination of speexenc and oggz-merge might do.
For realtime (as opposed to plain files), I'm not sure if speexenc can
be used, I haven't checked.

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