[theora] bitstream test suite

dos386 dos386 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 04:59:08 PST 2010

Highly appreciated, there is some space for improvements, though:

- 2 important movies are missing IMHO

- Some movies are unnecessarily absurdly huge (both bloat in Byte's as
well as screen size in pixels). IMHO such test movies (except of
course you want to test super-HD compliance) should be < 2 MiB and cca
300x200 to 600x400 pixels. Huge movies unnecessarily disturb tests by
possible lack of CPU performance to decode or screen space to display

- The "offset" movie is "frozen" ... deliberate ??? Most players I
tested so far fail the test anyway :-( A movie should show something
moving, otherwise you can't find out whether it plays or is just
frozen (I have trouble with Opera 10.5 here ...)

- The "320x240" movies show stripes looking broken (how is it supposed
to look like ???) and B&W noise. Maybe some other scene would be

- The movies should have a reasonable "fps" value (10 to 50 fps,
except you want to test for funny values here), and a reasonable time
(5 to 20 seconds). < 5 s is bad because 1. some players tend to "steal
seconds" 2. some players do screen switches and a recovery from such a
switch can take up to 3 s

- There should be some description what the movie is supposed to show,
and possibly a shot (or one good and one or multiple evil), for all
movies, not only the "offset" test.

~~~ wow ~~~

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