[theora] <video src="*.ogg">

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Thu Jan 14 13:08:17 PST 2010

Basil Mohamed Gohar wrote:

> My point being, HTML5's <video> tag is at an early stage of adoption. 
> If users of Safari see that their browser, and only their browser,
> cannot play sites that are using it (i.e., Theora or any other open
> format), this will put pressure on Apple to include support for it. 
> Same thing with Google and, eventually, IE.

Google already supports it. Opera will.
I think it will be very difficult getting either Apple or MS to support 
it. When they start making excuses about possible hidden patents, even 
though the code has been gone over numerous times, they really don't 
want to implement them.

What I do when I come across a site that won't play for me, I just go 
find one that does. That's what most people do.

It was remarked that maybe I don't "get" the web. The web is about 
information exchange, sharing information, and there are plenty of 
people all over the world who share their information in a wide variety 
of formats.

The open ones that work well are best, I personally prefer Theora and 
Ogg. I am strictly Linux and they work out of the box for me. But I'm 
not going to limit the information I share to those using Theora capable 
browsers just like I don't like web sites that limit the information 
they share to users with WMV capable browsers.

I'm sorry I brought using H.264 up on a Theora list, I agree I probably 
shouldn't have done that, but for me, the web is about getting 
information I want to share to those who want to receive it, not about 
pushing open vs proprietary formats.

The web site where I use multimedia deals with educating the public 
about our native Reptiles and Amphibians. This is important, there is 
massive amphibian decline going on and people tend not to care about 
them unless they know about them. Am I going to keep my content from a 
user just because they use Safari or Internet Exploder? Hell no, the 
site exists for everyone to access, learn from, and hopefully a few of 
them will take up an interest in our declining species, even if they 
don't use patent free multimedia formats.

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