[theora] <video src="*.ogg">

Basil Mohamed Gohar abu_hurayrah at hidayahonline.org
Thu Jan 14 10:51:35 PST 2010

+1 to everything said here, except I'd prefer that Flash just be dropped
completely.  At least with Java, a sanctioned free software
implementation exists (though not available on Windows yet, unless I'm
mistaken).  After seeing what Theora is capable NOW, and seeing the rate
of development it's experiencing (I think three or four developers are
currently working on their own tweaks just on #theora while I've been
looking) that whatever complaints against quality one may have regarding
Theora are going to become moot.

But that was never the point.  Theora is an open format.  It's
unencumbered (prove that it's not if you wish to a make a point, and no
Apple & Nokia's opinions on the matter don't count).  Theora is also
better than almost all other codecs out there with the except of a few,
and it almost certainly uses less CPU usage than most.

The web was built on openness.  Advocating a closed technology, for
whatever purpose, means you don't really get what the web is about.  If
you don't like Theora, then there are other formats that are open and
also rapidly approaching excellent quality (e.g., Dirac looks great in
some cases).

If you say Theora isn't widely-enough adopted - well, the <video> spec
isn't a formal one right now anyway.  So, there's really no argument
against using Theora exclusively, and almost all of them are for it.

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