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Mircea Gliga mgliga at integrasoft.ro
Mon Jan 4 23:06:32 PST 2010

     I also was studying Theora a month ago. I wanted to integrate 
Theora in a online conference system. I encoded
the video from a webcam using Theora and Xvid. Then I made a comparison 
between Theora and Xvid performaces.
I measured how long does it take for Theora to encode an 640x480 image 
from the webcam (th_encode_ycbcr_in and th_encode_packetout
API calls). I was doing this while shaking the camera, generating a lot 
of keyframes. On average: *80 ms*.
     Using XVID I've obtained between *20-25 ms* for an image. That's 
60ms longer using Theora.
Also, the CPU load was higher in case of Theora.

I've used libtheora 1.1, release_sse2, full optimization.

Used hardware/software:
     Processor    Pentium(R) Dual-Core  CPU      E5200  @ 2.50GHz, 2400
Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
     Installed Physical Memory (RAM)    2.00 GB
     OS Name    Microsoft® Windows Vista (TM)

Mircea Gliga

On 05/01/2010 06:49, iMDT - Tiago Jacobs wrote:
> Hello, i am member of red5 project. I am studying ways to integrate your
> codec into red5 and in a near future inside Flash Player.
> I want to figure some things about Theora codec.
>      ->  Is theora proper for live streams (i.e live transcondig webcam)?
> What is latency for encoding process?
>      ->  Is the format tolerant to lost frames?
> Thanks for the moment.
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