[theora] Loseless Video Codec

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Jan 4 16:29:56 PST 2010

Daniel Hendrycks wrote:
> Is there a Lossless video codec developed by Xiph? Is one in the works? There is 
> already a losseless audio codec available by Xiph: FLAC. 

You can do lossless video in Ogg using Ogg Dirac.  Dirac has a lossless
mode, and the Ogg embedding of Dirac is well supported.  This is much like
the situation with FLAC.

> Another question: How come on the theora site it does not show what is next in 
> development for theora in the FAQs? Is it being worked on?

It is being worked on.  "Under-promise and over-deliver"


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