[theora] super-low 19.5KB/s theora videos

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Jan 4 02:02:03 PST 2010

Tom Sparks wrote:
> I am only able to get streamable videos at 19.5KB/s (156kb/s) due the transcoding and streaming from the mythtv setup over 900Km away

> the videos on the mythtv setup are 352x288 interlaced at 25fps at 524KB/s and the audio is 48000 stereo at 128KB/s
> What are the best setting for 19.5KB/s (156kb/s) theroa video stream?

If you're using ffmpeg2theora, you want something like

ffmpeg2theora -A 32 -V 124

specifying the audio and video bitrates.  If you want to get fancy, you can do

ffmpeg2theora -A 32 -V124 -K 250 -d 500

which saves bits by only doing a keyframe once every 10 seconds, and
requiring the client to hold a 20-second buffer.  Naturally, you can
choose your own parameters

If you're encoding ahead of time for streaming, then you can do even
better using two-pass:

ffmpeg2theora -A 32 -V124 -K 250 -d 500 --two-pass


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