[theora] Oggcodecs release 0.82.16930

Cristian Adam cristian.adam at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 16:39:00 PST 2010

Oggcodecs release 0.82.16930

Oggcodecs is a set of DirectShow filters for playing Ogg Vorbis, Speex,
Theora and FLAC files in Windows Media Player and other players.

This release contains a number of bugfixes, particularly to Theora
and FLAC. Added support for Windows 7, and a HTML5 <video> tehnical 
preview for Internet Explorer.


Source code: 

Windows 32bit installer:

Windows x64 installer:

The installers are digitally signed with a certificate provided by 
Unizeto Certum (http://www.certum.eu/)

Changelog for Version 0.82.16930

* Updated Theora to version 1.1.1
* Updated Vorbis to version 1.2.3
* Windows 7 suppport (note that contextual menu entries in Windows
   Explorer is not yet available - Ticket #1619)
* Added support for Theora 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 color sampling formats.
* Added HTML5 <video> tag support for Microsoft Internet Explorer. This
   component is not enabled by default in the installer and it is only a
   technical preview - only basic playback (play/pause by left click
   button), no seeking, no controls and no HTML5 <video> interfaces
   To use it this functionality in Internet Explorer simply add
   xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml/video" to the <video> tag.
* Added 7.1 channels support for FLAC and support for files bigger than
* Prefixed all DirectShow filters with "Xiph.Org". This should simplify
   usage for GraphEdit/GraphStudio users.
* Fixed #1474: The installer for 64-bit Stable Version (0.81.15562) -
   06.12.2008 it's NOT working properly
* Fixed #1475: Typo in README
* Fixed #1490: Theroa video resumes after starting to play in wmp 9
   (win xp)
* Fixed #1491: oggcodecs doesn't work with 6-channel FLACs
* Fixed #1497: Ogg Theora Video is upside down/flipped in Windows Media
   Player (v6.4.09 and v7.10)
* Fixed #1500: directshow filters messes up windows media player
   file open dialogue
* Fixed #1546: OGV file(s) are crashing WMP (12)
* Fixed #1563: DirectShow filter installer does not add proper
   "PerceivedType" REG_SZ to HKCR\.ext key
* Fixed #1603: Theora Videos Encoded At Around 480x360 Crash Directshow

HTML5 <video> technical preview

Can be used as follows:

Internet Explorer versions 6.0 and 7.0

<html xmlns:html5>
    <object id="videoFactory" 
    <?import namespace="html5" implementation="#videoFactory"?>

<html5:video src="video.ogv">


Internet Explorer version 8.0


<video src="video.ogv"


Internet Explorer 8.0 syntax is simpler, all the details are stored
in Windows Registry. The xmlns attribute is required to link the <video> 
tag to the actual implementation.


Please submit bug reports to the bug tracker:


Oggcodecs is Free Software, available under a BSD style license.


Cristian Adam

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