[theora] Theora over RTP/UPD

Gisle Sælensminde gisle at snirklasjon.no
Tue Feb 9 01:12:41 PST 2010

Silvia Pfeiffer wrote:
> If you don't mind about using RTP over UDP, you might also want to
> check out Icecast and Flumotion, which both do live streaming of
> Theora, but use HTTP.

A UDP based protocol is pretty much a prerequisite, since the sound 
and video is transfered real-time, and we cannot use buffering, which
is required to get acceptable when using TCP based protocols like HTTP.

> OTOH, if you want to finish the RFC and provide a reference
> implementation, that would be awesome, too! You could try contacting
> Luca Barbato for more information on what it's at and whether there is
> any code he is able to share. He was the driving force behind this
> RFC, but I believe - as so often happens - other things in life took a
> higher priority.
> Incidentally, the codec packets that Ogg deals with are IIUC the
> compressed video frames, so if you feed the video frames to libtheora
> for decoding, that should work.

The other posters pointed me in the direction of Ekiga and gstreamer. 
At least the former of these seems to do something similar enough, 
so that I can get a workable system based on it. The details I would 
like to have is of cause not in the documentation of any of these systems
(too detailed), so I will spend the day reading the source.

Now I'm developing a proprietary video conferencing system for my 
employer, that does use RTP, but currently it does not use SIP, H.323
or any other standard negotiation protocols, instead it uses our own
data integration server for that. There is of cause plans for supporting 
more standard protocols, as that is a prerequisite for integration with 
other systems. Currently I'm just looking for a codec that I can include
now without a lot of bureaucracy.

Still, I may be able to contribute a bit to the draft, although I'm
unsure how much I can do in company time,  and the application I 
develop is proprietary and tied to a proprietary server technology. 
I may be able to contribute by extracting out and releasing relevant
parts of the code. (I would need permission for that of cause), but 
it does not even make sense to release it all, since the  application
is part  of a bigger suite.

Do anyone have an opinion about what is missing from the draft?


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