[theora] Theora over RTP/UPD

Gisle Sælensminde gisle at snirklasjon.no
Mon Feb 8 05:51:31 PST 2010


I'm trying to get Theora working with a video conferencing application we are developing.
This application sends the audio content via RTP over UPD, and as one would
expect, there is a draft for how a Theora stream is supposed to be wrapped into an RTP


The problem is that it is not obvious to me how the raw theora frames should be put
into the RTP format specified in that draft. More specificly, I don't understand how
I should extract the data from the RTP packets in a form suitable for input to the
decoder. Usually when you send Theora via ogg streams, via the network or files,
the ogg library does this for you, and there are code examples for how it can be
done. I have not found examples where Theora is streamed via RTP. Anyone that
know about

Also the draft is quite old, and have expired. Does that mean that the work to
standardize it have been abandoned, so that I should not implement anything based
on it, or just that there have not been time to finish it, and given enough effort it will
eventually be finished?

The closest I came on this list, was two threads about multicast, linked to below:


Here icecast was mentioned, but that does not support and UPD-based protocol,
as far as I could see from the docs and the source.

If anyone have any examples, I will examine these, if not I will come back with a more
detailed question

Thanks in advance,


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