[theora] Ogg is great!! Tools: ffmpeg2theora, oggz

Sebastian gustep12 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 17 00:32:26 PDT 2010

Hi, I just wanted to say that I've recently become a fan off the ogg movie format. I haven't really done much with video before, but I recently got a Canon DSLR which can record HD movies at 30 fps, 720p. The resulting files are great, but too large to share over the web. 

After trying a few different encoding tools, I quickly found that ffmpeg2theora is super easy to use, gives good quality output without requiring any command line parameters, and gives surprisingly small file sizes, and best of all, the results are guaranteed to play without a single malfunction in Firefox, so I can rest assured that everyone can watch the results, regardless of whether they install codecs or not.

My workflow is:

With the mouse in the file explorer, drag the original *.MOV file (160MB) onto ffmpeg2theora

Drag & Drop


Result is 16MB, wow. Repeat for more files if desired, no need to wait for the first thread to complete.

Now how to chop off the first three seconds where I focus the camera? I discovered oggz-chop. Another super-easy to use tool, 65kB in size, needs only one or two command line parameters, is lossless (!) and finishes before a GUI tool would even have loaded. Great!

oggz-chop -s 3 -o Output.ogv Input.ogv


Thank you!! I am surprised that high quality, guaranteed-to-play movie encoding and editing can be reduced to such minimalism. This is just what I needed. Without this, I probably wouldn't even have time to create any movies at all.

~ S.

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