[theora] Ptalarbvorm ffmpeg2theora Windows binary

Marcos Felipe Rasia de Mello marcosfrm at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 15:27:30 PDT 2010

Unfortunately, I'm not skilled to do this. I'll wait until someone
comes up with a binary.

Thanks for the quick response.


2010/4/23 Jason Self <jason at bluehome.net>:
> Marcos Felipe Rasia de Mello <marcosfrm at gmail.com> wrote ..
>> ffmpeg2theora nightly builds found at http://firefogg.org/nightly/
>> still uses Thusnelda. Where can I get a Ptalarbvorm version for
>> Windows?
> Right now you have to download all the source code from subversion & compile it
> yourself.

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