[theora] Theora player for Nokia Series 60

Stuart Fisher stuart.fisher at fig7.com
Tue Apr 13 11:44:19 PDT 2010

> Note that there's some additional work happening on this code at
> http://svn.xiph.org/branches/theorarm-merge-branch/
> So far it's mostly a license change, but the plan is to eventually
> merge this into to the upcoming 1.2.x libtheora releases. It might be
> a better branch to track for your work.

I've now got Robin's v0.05 version integrated and working, so yes I'll start 
looking at the merge branch to see what's going on!

> David's port to the TI C64+ DSP is at http://code.entropywave.com/git,
> particularly the leonora and *-c64 repositories. See
> http://www.schleef.org/blog/2009/11/11/theora-on-ti-c64x-dsp-and-omap3/
> for an overview.

As far as I know Nokia have never allowed us access to the DSP bridge 
driver, so I don't think there's anything I can do with this. I also don't 
know which Nokia phones have TI DSP hardware in them. The OMAP2 based ones 
certainly do, but I think that's pretty much only the N82 and N95. Nokia 
does not make any OMAP3 based Symbian phones. Most of their phones are now 
using ARM11 processors but I think they are not made by TI, so they won't 
have TI DSPs on them. Having said that, I know that some of them do have TI 
co-processors in them too (jI think not integrated with the ARM core). The 
Sony Ericsson Satio and Vivaz and the Samsung Omnia HD are OMAP3, but I 
don't have any of those to develop with :-(

> Thanks for working on this! More mobile support is really important.

We really need to bug the Miro converter people to put some options in for 
Theora. It looks like all we've currently got is "Theora". We need "Theora 
320" and "Theora 640" options to make the videos the right size. It appears 
that the Miro converter code is open source though, so I think I might just 
go and take a look and make this happen!

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