[theora] Google to Open-source VP8 for HTML5 Video

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Viva theora

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On 04/12/2010 07:10 PM, Tom Sparks wrote: > "Google will soon make its VP8
video codec open source, ...
I will reserve celebration for an official announcement from Google.
Meanwhile, I'd like to point out to anyone that might be concerned about
the future of Theora, or just wondering if there's any point to it, that
Theora has a long future ahead of still, given its installed base, its
history and known behaviour, and not the least important, its
low-complexity nature and ease of processing & decoding (in addition to

I think it is unlikely for Google to drop support of Ogg Theora video,
at least in the short term, from Chrome, and I am fairly certain that
Mozilla will likely retain Ogg Theora support in its engine as well.  If
this happens to be the case, then it will take some time for VP8 to
reach the market (it has a negligible share, if any, at the moment) and
how it behaves needs to be studied before many will use it.  However, if
it does prove to be a superior codec, then *everyone wins*.

I am cautiously hopeful that this news turns out to be authentic.

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