[theora] Ogg/theora a/v sync issue with liboggplay

Richard Watts rrw at kynesim.co.uk
Sun Apr 11 07:12:06 PDT 2010

xiphmont at xiph.org wrote:
>> Is the stream bad, or is liboggplay doing incorrect a/v sync?
> BUT A decoder that is working properly should still account for that
> because it has the timestamps.  It will have to buffer way more data
> then normal to cope, but it should still be capable of sync.

  FWIW, this is a common result of having a single input queue for
both audio and video; you play the audio, then look for the video,
then oops. Buffering will help, but much of the time a/v sync has
terrible difficulty working out how big its input buffers will be
and DTS is generally a lie.

  My impression was that in the UK at least, MPEG2 streams (which
are mostly DVB or DVD here) were pretty good about this. I've
seen some H.264 streams with several seconds of variation, in
both directions.


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