[theora] ffmpeg2theora 0.25 synchronization issues when converting from .mov

Andrew Chew andrew at okashistudios.com
Wed Sep 30 21:05:39 PDT 2009

Has anyone noticed this?  I have a video made with Final Cut Pro,  
which I convert to .mov via Compressor.  This .mov file plays back  
fine in Quicktime.  But when I then use ffmpeg2theora to convert to  
ogv, the video seems to play back too fast compared to the audio (I'm  
using VLC 1.0.2, the latest I believe, to play back the ogv file, and  
I also have an app that uses the recently released libtheora 1.1, and  
I see the same sped-up video as with VLC).

I'm wondering if it's a known problem, or if I'm the first to see this.

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