[theora] Optimised ARM Ogg/Theora/Vorbis decoder

Richard Watts rrw at kynesim.co.uk
Mon Sep 21 09:51:18 PDT 2009

Christopher Blizzard wrote:
> On 9/19/2009 6:19 AM, Robin Watts wrote:
>> I've started to revisit the hotspots, rewriting the code to use ARM
>> v6 SIMD extensions, but I am unable to test it due to not having an
>> appropriate device. If anyone out there has a suitable device and
>> would be prepared to test my code on it, please get in touch!
>> I hope to look at using v7 or NEON instructions as appropriate too.
>> Thanks,
> Would a beagleboard help with this?  I'm told it has video out and I 
> think it runs with newer ARM cores.

  Check on both counts - Digikey sell them and there's a half-decent
Linux you can boot fairly easily; let me know if you'd like any
more info - we're using them quite a bit here.

  The serial cable is pricey for what it is, but worth it if you're
not so good with a soldering iron,


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